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Featuring exclusive merchandise from The Royal Collection, Buckingham Palace. Official books, videos, replicas, gift items and much more. For a stroll through The Palace Shop go to the "Royal Collection" pull down menu above.

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Men's Highland Cashmere Scarves
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Looking forward to Spring our Early Spring 2014 selection is now online. The holidays are over, now is the time to pick up some items you have been wanting for yourself .

It is cold outside, we have received a new group of cashmere scarves, look for them under "Relaxed Comfort-Scarves."

About our front cover for the St Paul's Cathedral, London. St Paul's has been the host of historic events for centuries.

We are featuring two popular Lavender lines, Victorian’s used lavender to give winter’s closed homes a fresh, clean scent and believed it helped to “purify” the air. We have a Lavender Line from Buckingham Palace (In the Royal Collection Section) based on Queen Victoria’s Lavender and from Cotswold Lavender (Fine English Fragrances) a modern English farm that distills its own lavender in the Cotswold Hills. Our scarves and throws are always in demand……see our new 2014 selection and Bronte Natural Wool Throws in the Relaxed Comfort/Scarves and Wraps section. We have new styles and colours to see. These and much more in night gowns, items for men , books, and fragrance. We trust you will be pleased.

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us; we wish you the best.


Craig Weidenheimer & Arline Friedman
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