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Featuring exclusive merchandise from The Royal Collection, Buckingham Palace. Official books, videos, replicas, gift items and much more. For a stroll through The Palace Shop go to the "Royal Collection" pull down menu above.

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Hello, welcome to our Spring and Summer selection for 2014. The warm weather will take us out doors and on journeys to all points of the compass.

About our front cover: Lizard Lighthouse, a light was first exhibited here in 1619, the current lighthouse, consisting of two towers with cottages between them, was built in 1751. Pictured is the operational tower.

We have some exciting new items we would like to bring to your attention. In the “Relaxed Comfort" section are new, unique fashion items in a summer palette. In the “Royal Collection” Section are reintroduced past releases from the Royal Collection here for the last time at a very special price. There are very limited quantities please order early. In the “In the Home and Garden/Alice in Wonderland” section is a new offering of Alice in Wonderland fine bone china from England featuring designs utilizing the drawings of original Alice artist, John Tenniel as well as iconic quotes from each of the characters. What could be better for a fun tea party? These and much more in night gowns, items for men, books, and fragrance. We trust you will be pleased.

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us; we wish you the best.


Craig Weidenheimer & Arline Friedman
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